Twin Disc Pacific manufacturers, markets and supports marine and heavy-duty off-duty highway power transmission equipment. We are also exclusive Pacific Region distributors for Seakeeper Gyro Stabilisers and Sea Torque Propulsion Systems. We have been proudly supporting Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region for 50 years. With locations in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth and a network of 15 service dealers, you can be assured assistance is readily available.


Twin Disc Pacific Partner With Ultimate Marine Power To Drive Veth Propulsion

Twin Disc Pacific, the Australian based subsidiary of the global leader in power transmission technology and equipment for marine and land-based applications, announced today that it will commence representation of Veth Propulsion in the Pacific market, a global supplier of main and auxiliary marine propulsion products. The representation of Veth Propulsion establishes Twin Disc Pacific as a leading […]

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Harnessing Horsepower on Sydney Harbour – Captain Cook Cruises

Project Details • Elizabeth Class Passenger Catamarans – Quickshift MGX5114SC ratio 2.04:1 with Twin station EC300 controls • Jillian Class Rocket Passenger Catamarans – Quickshift MGX5095a ratio 1.81:1 with single station EC300 controls • Tubby Class Passenger Catamarans – Quickshift MGX5075IV ratio 1.99 with single station EC300 controls • Maggie Cat Passenger Catamarans – Twin […]

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ANGULAR MOMENTUM For gyroscopic stabilizers, angular momentum (measured in Newton-meter-seconds, or N-m-s) is  the equivalent of horsepower for an engine and is the accepted measure of rating gyroscopic output. The angular momentum determines the total amount of torque available over time. Therefore, greater angular momentum indicates greater levels of roll reduction potential for gyroscopic stabilizers. […]

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“When we’re dealing with wind, chop, and strong sideways currents, immediate response is critical.”

Jason MacDonald, Bowhead Transport