Project QA – Tony Riek Norman R. Wright & Sons Managing Director

Q. Norman R. Wright and sons has a long standing reputation for building high quality custom boats. How many game boats have you built previously?

A. “Aura” is a custom built 60, the first we have built to this size but based on a 58 game boat we built that lives on Sydney Harbour called “Eagle” and a similar build 60 called “Weapon” that lives in WA.

Q. Did your client specify the engineering equipment?

A. Our client specified Caterpillar C32 engines and having worked with Twin Disc before we knew their MGX transmissions would work best coupled with these engines. Our client built the boat specifically for game fishing and requested Palm Beach controls for the tower and the EC300 controls with trolling option and when combined with the transmission offer “dead stop” as required.

The client also requested the Seakeeper 16, not having had one before but understanding the comfort they offer when out on the water.

Q. How have the products performed?

We had a few technical challenges getting the Palm Beach controls to integrate but we worked closely with the Twin Disc Engineers to ensure they worked as required. The client is very happy overall.

Tony Riek – Managing Director

Q. What was the twin disc sales and service experience like?

A. We’ve built a number of commercial ferries in the past using Twin Disc equipment so we’re used to working with their team and products. Overall very happy with the products and service experience.


Q. Why did you decide to build a custom sports fishing boat versus buying a production brand?

A. We wanted something special, a custom boat gave us that and Wrights certainly delivered.

Q. From a performance perspective what was it specifically you were looking for?

A. We wanted the best game-fishing boat we could build, speed, performance and built to fish in Australian conditions.

Q. The Quickshift transmissions have a strong reputation for harnessing the horsepower from large engines and ensuring optimal performance, have you been happy with the Quickshift gearboxes, and what specifically do you like about the way they manage the horsepower available from your caterpillar C32’s?

A. We had them in our previous boat and they have been great, versatility for all our different speed requirements.

Q. The Palm Beach controls are an interesting addition and teamed with the Twin Disc EC300 Controls, why did you specify them specifically and have you been happy with their operation?

A. For game-fishing the Palm Beach controls are a must and integration on the bow thruster controls into the levers works really well.

Q. Seakeepers offers exceptional stability control, why did you specifically request a Seakeeper for your boat? How has it performed versus boat you may have had previously without gyro stabilisation?

A. I can not imagine there will be many boats in the future without one, in rough conditions they make such a difference to peoples fishing experience.

Q. Overall what would you say to someone considering the Twin Disc or Seakeeper product ranges?

A. Do it.

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Norman R Wright & Sons  – Custom 60 Game Boat “Aura”.


Power commander® electronic controls eXpress™ and eXpress joystick system® ready



LOA:               60’

BEAM:           19’3”

DRAFT:         4’ 7”

DISPL:           76,000 lbs (34.6 metric tonnes)

SPEED:         40 knots

FUEL:            1,800 US GAL.

WATER:        160 US GAL.

ENGINES:     2 x 1825HP C32 Cat ACERT

Gensets:        2 x 19kVA Onan

Stabiliser:      Seakeeper 16

Electronics:   See description



The boat is completely designed in-house as we have been doing so since 1909.

None of our boats are built in permanent moulds, so every aspect is custom built to suit each clients specific requirements with every boat being designed and built specifically for each owner.

The hull is a warped planning hull with deep tunnels below the waterline with substantial flare forward above the waterline and was designed in conjunction with the world’s foremost performance planning hull designer Donald L. Blount & Associates (DLBA) in the USA.

The hull was optimised to be stable at speed and rest whilst fishing whilst retaining superior performance at speed in a seaway. This is achieved without the need for noisy hull bottom sprayrails or planning strakes.

The transom shape including large radiused corners was designed to facilitate backing up hard on fish

The brief was for a go anywhere serious sport fishing boat.



One-off temporary moulds were built for all main components including hull, deck, deckhouse, flybridge and console

The structure is designed by composite engineering experts ATL Composites to meet DnV-GL HSLC R1 High Speed Light Craft Rules

The hull bottom is designed for 2g loading and is infused with epoxy resin and e-glass either side of a high density Divinycell structural foam core providing the ultimate strength-to-weight structure. Topsides are also foam cored with the highly stressed and impact zones such as the chines, keel and stem all being solid GRP.

Engine bearers are a combination of carbon fibre and E-glass with epoxy resin and run the full length of the hull to provide a rigid hull

The hull is a monocoque construction with the hull shell providing the strength and rigidity with minimal internal framing to maximise usable space

The main deck, deckhouse and flybridge are all constructed in custom moulds using E-glass and epoxy either side of a Divinycell structural foam core. Nyrie Roos



Vertical offset, aluminum housing
Electric GP-valve with manual override
EC050 Profile module – interface for engagement signals Integral oil cooler for raw water cooling
Oil strainer and oil filter

Vertical offset, aluminum housing
10° down angle on output shaft
Electric GP-valve with manual override
EC050 Profile module – interface for engagement signals Integral oil cooler for raw water cooling
Oil strainer and oil filter

Remote V-drive, aluminum housing
10° down angle on output shaft
Input flange GWB 587.50
Electric GP-valve with manual override
EC050 Profile module – interface for engagement signals Integral oil cooler for raw water cooling
Oil strainer and oil filter

For service classification definitions and important notes refer to, the Twin Disc Marine Product Guide or contact Twin Disc directly.

SAE J617 housing no. 1 X X
SAE J617 housing no. 0 X  X
Flexible coupling for 14” flywheel (SAE J620 size 355)  X  X
Flexible coupling for 18” flywheel (SAE J620 size 460)  X  X
Input flange for freestanding installation  X  X  standard
EC050 E-Troll module – interface for engagement& trolling signals  X  X  X
Harness with single point interface to Twin Disc EC300 control system  X  X  X
Output shaft driven trailing pump  X  X  X
Companion flange/bolts set  X  X  X
Monitoring devices to customer’s specification  X X X
Mounting brackets  X  X  X
Live PTO
SAE J744 size 101-2, 25-4 (SAE “B-B”, 2-bolt) max. 337 Nm  X  X  X
SAE J744 size 127-4, 32-4 (SAE “C”, 4-bolt) max. 600 Nm  X  X  X
Hydraulic Clutchable PTO
SAE J744 size 127-4, 32-4 (SAE “C”, 4-bolt) max. 600 Nm  X  X  X
Secondary live PTO for power steering pumps
SAE J744 size 101-2, 22-4 (SAE “B”, 2-bolt) max. 75 Nm Or  X  X  X
SAE J744 size 82-2, 16-4 (SAE “A”, 2-bolt) max. 75 Nm  X  X  X
Dry weight incl. SAE #0 housing and SAE 460
flexible coupling 575 kg 580 kg 510 kg





Power commander® electronic controls eXpress™ and eXpress joystick system® ready

The EC300 Power Commander® electronic propulsion control system is versatile, rugged and easy to install. The system is designed to interface with all popular electronic engines and transmissions.

System Features

• Selectable station transfer rules • Allows up to eight control stations
• Analog and digital control heads available • Single lever controls for up to eight shaft lines
• Individual station active indicators • System setup via keyboard or upload
• Individual neutral status indicators • Selectable single or multi-lever synchronization
• 10 to 30 volt system power compatible • Computer- or display-based setup and diagnostics
• J1939 or NMEA2000 data broadcasting

Single Engine Station

Twin Engine Station

Twin Engine

Crafted for 60’-69’ boats, up to 50 tons, the Seakeeper 16 is designed to eliminate up to 95% of boat roll. The Seakeeper 16 is completely internal, requires only modest electrical power, and can be installed virtually anywhere on board.