Due for Australian debut at the 2018 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, the much-anticipated Seakeeper 2 launched at the Miami International Boat Show last month, causing major buzz in boating circles.

“The Seakeeper 2 is 25% lighter and 20% smaller than the Seakeeper 3 and specifically designed for boats 27 to 32 feet,” said Glenn Frettingham, Managing Director Twin Disc Pacific.

“It eliminates up to 95% of boat roll and will be popular with recreational outboard craft looking for stability, safety and a pleasant day on the water for all, no matter what the conditions.

“Judging from the response in Miami, the Seakeeper 2 will prove very popular in Australia where this segment represents the largest community of boat owners, and it’s only growing and outboard boats are getting even larger and packed with more features.”

It’s effective at all boat speeds, including zero, it can operate in all sea states.

Running exclusively on 12-volt power, it does not require generator power, and the compact size means that it can fit into the leaning post of a centre console boat, thus requiring no structural modifications.

The Seakeeper 2 will use the new touchscreen control panel and allows users to capture real-time performance information.

“We have a relentless drive to of bringing stabilization to the masses,” said Seakeeper COO Andrew Semprevivo at its launch. “The Seakeeper 2 is the first of our products to reach down into the 20-foot boat market, and we will continue to expand into new areas to ultimately change the way the world boats.”

Priced at $32,400 + GST (Australian retail price), the Seakeeper 2 is destined to attract great interest from the massive sub-30ft market which will be well represented at SCIBS 2018, where there will be a dedicated Sports, Leisure & Fishing precinct as well as dozens more vessels on-water that are below 30ft.

Twin Disc will introduce the Seakeeper 2 at SCIBS 2018, 24 to 27 May at its on-water display on the marina at F Arm.

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