Suitable for recreational boats from 30-foot up to heavy commercial vessels, Seakeeper is a computer controlled gyroscope designed to virtually eliminate boat roll at all speeds, making for a safer, more comfortable ride for owners, guests and crew.

As a popular option on the build list of Riviera Motor Yachts, Seakeeper can be found on many boats leaving the Coomera factory – the choice of owners looking for enhanced comfort onboard whether underway or at anchor.

Most recently, a Riviera 57 Enclosed Flybridge was fitted with the Seakeeper 9, specifically designed to stabilize boats from 50 to 59-feet, up to 30 tons.

A number of R Marine Dealers said the Seakeeper 9 had become a “must-have” among boaties seeking the ideal on-water experience.

“It changes the experience substantially,” one observed. “In conditions of swell or when another boat passes by, the Seakeeper 9 corrects quite quickly, whether at low speed or up at 20 knots.

“Best of all, from owner feedback, we have heard that at an anchorage that may be affected by wave action or other boats nearby, there is virtually no roll, so your champagne in tall glasses is completely safe!”

From a dealer perspective, the Seakeeper range has proven “very reliable”.

“The Seakeeper system can be installed during the build, usually fitted in a central position in the lazarette. We have also seen them retrofitted on older boats. They completely alter the way a boat handles, which is great for older people, young children, and people who may experience sea sickness.”

By eliminating boat roll, Seakeeper transforms everyone’s experience on the water. Guests go from queasy to quality time onboard, and memories turn from “never again” to “best trip ever!”

Trevor Tucker, Sales Manager for Twin Disc Pacific exclusive distributors of the Seakeeper range, said the company is looking forward to the roll-out of the Seakeeper 1, built specifically for boats from 26 foot and below. “The smallest big thing yet”, according to Seakeeper, the Seakeeper 1 will revolutionise boating for the large runabout and smaller sports cruiser fishing and family-friendly cruiser market, said Trevor.

Twin Disc offers demonstrations of the Seakeeper aboard their demo boat and their range of Twin Disc Express Joystick and Express Positioning Systems aboard their Riviera 47 Demonstration boat, call or email Twin Disc for more information.

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