Veth Propulsion delivers 40 Steering Grids to Concordia Damen for Parsifal LNG tankers

Concordia Damen has selected Veth Propulsion by Twin Disc as the bow thruster supplier for a large-scale project – a series of 40 Parsifal LNG tankers. On Friday, December 18, 2020, both parties signed the contract for the delivery of 40 efficient Veth Steering Grids and accompanying electric motors.  The first bow thrusters will be delivered to the shipyard in early 2021.

The construction of these sustainable LNG tankers will take place over the next four years.  Each will be equipped with a VSG-1200L Steering Grid and 425 kW electric motors. Wim Boom, Area Sales Manager Veth Propulsion, is very proud of this order.  “This is the crowning glory of the collaboration with Concordia Damen that has existed for many years,” said Boom. “Together we coordinated the planning and were able to think along in the entire process.”

First vessel delivery at the end of 2021

The first bow thrusters are scheduled for delivery in February 2021, and will ship monthly from the Veth Propulsion workshop for the duration of the project.  The first complete vessel is scheduled for delivery in November 2021.  The vessels will be chartered by Shell to transport mineral oils between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and the Rhine network.

Proud partners

The investment branch of the American bank JP Morgan will become the owner of all the ships. “Veth Propulsion ultimately turned out to be the most interesting and best suited partner for this project,” said Tim van Berchum, Financial Manager of Concordia Damen. The vessels will be operated by the VT Group, which is familiar with Veth’s bow thrusters. Proud partners who know what they have to offer each other.

“We are continuously working on sustainability as demonstrated in previous projects such as the Oranje Nassau V and VI and the Den Bosch Max vessels. With the delivery to the Parsifal vessels, we continue to collaborate to make the sector even more sustainable than it already is,” said Boom.

About Twin Disc, Inc.

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