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2015 ASSEGAI 54 & ASSEGAI 44

Captain Casey Dent is a heavily experienced skipper and has completed over eight heavy tackle seasons out of Cairns. Casey has been working on the water since his teenage years, from the decks of commercial fishing boats and trawlers right through to captaining marlin boats with catches recorded at over 1200lbs. Casey is also an experienced boat mechanic and the right person to have on board if you opt to head into the more remote areas of the Outer Reef.

The world’s first fleet of Assegai game fishing charter boats!

MEET ZULU – Zulu is a 54ft Assegai, custom built game fishing vessel launched late 2014, and released for charter in 2015. She is one of the most technologically advanced game boat to hit the waters of Australia thus far.

MEET LEVANTE – Levante is a 44 foot custom built ‘Assegai’ game fishing vessel which has been designed to combine luxury and top notch fishing facilities to provide exciting opportunities to chase and catch a diverse variety of fish.

MEET THE 40 ASSEGAI EXPRESS – She is being specifically built and designed to support our mothership M.Y Beluga and offer a significant increase in options for our guests. The Express acts as a day boat with a maximum cruising speed of 38
knots ensuring you get to your destination in record time!

Zulu Gamefishing Charters and Levante Fishing Charters are based out of The Reef Marina, Port Douglas – the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. We offer the most convenient private charter options to explore the wonders of the Coral Sea and the outer Great Barrier Reef and beyond.

Project Details

Products supplied and fitted:

  • Quickshift®
  • EC300
  • The Express Joystick System (EJS®)
  • Express Positioning System (EPS®)
  • Seakeeper M8000

Why did you decide to install the Twin Disc transmission, EJS, EPS and Seakeeper on board your boat?

We were in the process of building Zulu, our 54ft custom Assegai game boat. We wanted products that would enhance our client’s experience as well as offering us ideal manageability and control from an operators perspective to conduct our operations with ease and effectiveness.

What specifically do you like about the Twin Disc and Seakeeper products chosen?

Twin Disc Quickshift® Transmissions

Strong, reliable, easy to service and the best aftercare support in the industry. From a game-fishing perspective, I enjoy the effectiveness of utilising Troll mode whilst heavy tackle marlin fishing, allowing me to tow my baits down sea in 30knots+ of wind without the bait pulling out of the outrigger clips. The engine speed and boat harmonics are consistent as I can just adjust my throttle lever as required which is ideal.

Express Joystick Systems

The EJS requires a bow and stern thruster and whilst I was a bit hesitant to install a stern thruster on the back of the nice rounded transom of an Assegai – I wouldn’t have it any other way! We have a fleet of charter vessels, including a mothership in which we need to raft up to out at sea, often in unfavourable weather conditions – The EJS is a fantastic tool for efficient manoeuvrability and confidence in situations where there is little room for error. The beauty of the EJS is that it can be used to drive/control the boat with minimum driving experience which is added safety feature. My crew can activate the joystick and maneuverer the boat back into its dock with confidence.

For those who are a little less ‘techy’ or ‘old school’ like myself, I highly recommend a separate bow/stern thruster control so you can adjust individual thrusters without utilising all of the drives.

Express Positioning System

My favourite feature and where the stern thruster really displays its importance. I utilise the EPS in many different scenarios. Whilst this is not a ‘recommended’ activity – I can refuel the boat without the need for any crew/assistance by simply driving out of my dock, activate EPS and leave the helm to adjust ropes and fenders with the confidence that I’m not going to drift into an undesired situation. The biggest bonus I discovered with EPS is the added safety benefit – Being able to hold my GPS position and attend to an emergency or mechanical situation with the push of a button (or a toilet break without taking my crew away from their current duties!)

Lets talk fishing!

EPS is great for deep dropping if the weather conditions allow. I personally find the EPS a little noisy for reef fishing, However anchoring has never been easier! I can run over the hot spot and hit the EPS button on the sandy spot where I want my anchor, allowing me to let out the chain and then drift back exactly where the fish are. Less time positioning yourself to get it right on the money and more time with the lines in the water – happy skipper + happy clients. Cheating I know!

Seakeeper Stabiliser

The combination of the Twin Disc systems and the stability of the Seakeeper stabiliser really go hand in hand when creating the ultimate vessel. The benefits of installing a Seakeeper stabiliser on both recreational and commercial vessels are game-changing. We have the confidence of booking in charters without having too much regard to the weather conditions. 20knot+ days are fishable and safe for both our clients and crew. No tupperware sliding off tables, no ghostly white clients with sea sickness and a happy cook/host whom can cook a sit-down lunch whilst we’re battling the swell and conditions outside the reef during the marlin season.

We can afford to anchor off in less desired conditions which means I can fish a little later without the need to find a good anchorage up in the shallows knowing that our guests will still sleep in comfort. Less movement and ‘holding on’ means less fatigue on the crew for the gruelling hours of the marlin season and a comfortable experience for our guests on board.

Do the Twin Disc & Seakeeper products add to your clients enjoyment of your charter boat?

Absolutely. The Seakeeper is a great selling point as it encourages the less adventurous and nervous guests to step on board. The Twin Disc systems are always a talking point on charter and guests can experience the latest technology at work.

What was the sales, installation and service experience like?

Twin Disc have been invaluable with their ongoing service and support.

What would you say to other operators considering installing the Twin Disc & Seakeeper products?

These products are game-changers. Seakeeper stabilisers are the way forward and I would not consider building a new boat without one. The combination of these systems allow us to provide a professional, reliable and comfortable operation.

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